My Daddy Doesn’t Need a Cape

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Every child views their father as an ideal character, a superhero, someone who is the best at doing everything. This beautiful story features Kimmie, a little girl, who thinks the world of her daddy and totally adores him.

The amazingly crafted illustrations in this wonderful children’s book depict the little lady living through various situations that show her father going about his everyday routine.

Idiosyncratic, nuanced, and funny, this wonderful book will have you view the world through the eyes of little Kimmie as she lives through and describes her little universe.

Go ahead, be creative, and act out the story in this book for your kids or have them participate in this sweet narrative. Get a glimpse into the mind of a girl as she is growing up and understand what a family means to her.

This book will also make a perfect gift for your friends so they can share the joy with their children. You can get grandma and grandpa involved, as well, and act out this creative and fun play together.

You will find this book a light-hearted and delightful read for everyone in the family.

So, click the here or Amazon to add this charming story to your collection today!

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